Post-wedding reflection

It’s been over 2 months since our big fat Chinese wedding, and it’s taken until now for the photos to come back to us. In this post I thought I could share a few photos, and in between reflect on how the wedding went. In the weeks following the wedding, my husband and his parents talked […]

Our unexpected long-distance marriage

I have recently read some really great personal accounts of long distance relationships/marriages, particularly Marghini‘s guest post on Speaking of China and an older post at Texan in Tokyo. Currently living in a long-distance marriage myself, I find these posts really valuable in giving me food for thought and shaping my behaviour. I never expected to be […]

We’re getting married (again)!

After surprising my British family and friends last year by ‘suddenly’ getting married and after explaining to them all that in China a wedding involves at least two parts, we have finally set a date to hold our wedding banquet 婚礼 this autumn in Dalian. When Chinese couples register their marriage 登记 they don’t usually […]

New Year, new resolutions

I’ve always been the type of person to set New Year’s resolutions and I love the positivity that the New Year brings, I feel like a new woman and it gives me a new lease of life to pursue the things I want. When I say resolutions, I guess I don’t just mean resolutions, but […]

Why I live abroad (plus a little bit of why I married my husband)

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks due to cramming for the HSK level 4, but now that’s over with and celebratory hotpot has been consumed I now have a free Saturday afternoon for catching up with my favourite blogs, eating 桔子 juzi and drinking tea. I’ve recently read some fantastic blog posts about […]

The little red book

I’ve always really liked Chinese certificates because they come in tiny passport-like books (as a child, passports are just cool!) This includes university student cards, vaccination records, health records and travel documents. I’ve even had a couple of them in my time. But none as special as this one: Chinese marriage certificates are great. Tiny […]