Working mum in China

After coming back from a month spent with family in the UK, we are now back in China – this time, Beijing. And I haven’t written a single blog post since! And why might that be? Because 36 hours and two almost completely sleepless nights after being back, I became a working mum, i.e. a mum […]

Mother vs mother-in-law

I’ve been back in China with my little boy for over 3 months now, so I thought it’s about time for an update about life as a yangxifu 洋媳妇. That is the name of this blog after all. Being a mum in China has taught me a lot about the culture, probably more than anything […]

The little red book

I’ve always really liked Chinese certificates because they come in tiny passport-like books (as a child, passports are just cool!) This includes university student cards, vaccination records, health records and travel documents. I’ve even had a couple of them in my time. But none as special as this one: Chinese marriage certificates are great. Tiny […]