Things I like about Beijing

We’ve been in Beijing for a few weeks now, and despite years of saying ‘I’m not really a fan of Beijing, more of a Shanghai girl’, I actually love it. It probably helps that we’ve been really lucky with the weather. There have been more fresh-air days than not, and we arrived during Beijing’s short spring, […]

Our unexpected long-distance marriage

I have recently read some really great personal accounts of long distance relationships/marriages, particularly Marghini‘s guest post on Speaking of China and an older post at Texan in Tokyo. Currently living in a long-distance marriage myself, I find these posts really valuable in giving me food for thought and shaping my behaviour. I never expected to be […]

Why I live abroad (plus a little bit of why I married my husband)

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks due to cramming for the HSK level 4, but now that’s over with and celebratory hotpot has been consumed I now have a free Saturday afternoon for catching up with my favourite blogs, eating 桔子 juzi and drinking tea. I’ve recently read some fantastic blog posts about […]

Now on my ‘to read’ pile

I have been looking forward to reading both of these for a long time, anthology ‘How Does One Dress To Buy a Dragonfruit’ since Jocelyn Eikenburg of Speaking of China announced she’d be featured, and memoir ‘The Good Chinese Wife’ ever since some of my favourite bloggers interviewed Susan Blumberg-Kason for her online book tour […]