A native of Birmingham, England, I moved to China in April 2014, following my two great loves – adventure and my Chinese husband-to-be.

My love affair with China started in 2007 when I studied a university module in Mandarin Chinese and led me to spend a year teaching at a Chinese middle school in Nanjing. Following that year, I knew I’d be back and I finally made my dream a reality this year.

LOVE Chinese food, here with my sister after preparing a feast together

LOVE Chinese food, here with my sister after preparing a Chinese feast together

R and I married in 2014 and we welcomed baby Z in Spring 2015, which brought new (intercultural) challenges.

I’ve long been a follower of AMWF blogs and (vegan) food blogs, amongst others, but was hesitant about starting a blog of my own. I am by no means a writer, and my English grades weren’t my best. But since starting this blog, I’ve been surprised to find that once I sit down with a topic in mind, I can sit and write over 1,000 words. I guess I have more to say than I thought.

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  1. Hi, thank you for following me, I hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches 🙂

    And I like reading about your experiences in China, especially the food related ones 😛


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  3. Hope you know how normal it is to struggle with homesickness, especially as an expat wife! For me, the homesickness never goes away, even after 10 years in Japan, but the fascination of living in the Far East and being married into another culture makes it worth it. Please know you have a friend thinking of you in a Japan!


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  5. Hi dear Sarah, thanks for all your interesting and insightful posts – just wanted to drop you a line to say I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. Look forward to reading more about your China adventures! All the best, Laura


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