3 things I love about my new apartment

I guess when R’s parents bought a second apartment about 10 years ago, keeping the original one and renting it out as many middle-class Chinese do, they were thinking ahead to when R got married. In China, if a young man does not have a house (read: apartment), then he may be severely disadvantaged on the marriage market. Most young women, or rather their parents, see a house as the main requirement for marriage. As a Western woman, a house was not one of the things I was looking for in a man. However, I am thrilled that we have a place to live and not renting brings its advantages. Here are 3 reasons why I particularly like our house.

1. It’s really modern

Once R’s parents knew we were expecting, they set their plan in action. Get rid of the tenants, gut the apartment and refurbish it for us.  And I have to say, it’s gorgeous. Brand new kitchen, tiled floor to ceiling and shiny new bathroom. Despite some interesting soft furnishings (see below), they did a fantastic job kitting it out and I know we’re going to be really comfortable here.

2. It’s really close to the amenities.

It’s just a 3 minute walk to the supermarket and fresh fruit and vegetable shop, and the Light Railway takes you to the city centre in under 10 minutes. Even better, it’s the closest I’ve ever lived to an IKEA, just one stop on the Light Railway (for replacing all the flowery and patterned soft furnishings).

3. It is directly on Dalian Airport’s flight path

Lying down on the bed, I can see a plane going in to land roughly every 3 minutes. As a keen traveller, I love flying (before I had a child) and have always loved big airports. All those people arriving somewhere new, perhaps for a new adventure, or perhaps returning home, seeing the planes landing gives me a feeling of excitement.  As I currently live away from home, I know well that feeling when the plane is landing and you think to yourself ‘less than 30 minutes till I will see my family again’.

PLUS one extra reason I love my new apartment …… my husband lives here too!


Our snazzy sofa!

8 thoughts on “3 things I love about my new apartment

  1. I’m glad you are settling into a new place! I’m also really excited about how our place is shaping up. We decorated most of our rooms and are really excited to be able to come home and relax now that all our furniture is where it should be. I think all the work was really worth it, but now my fiance and I are exhausted (and broke!) so it will be nice to greet fall by settling onto our cozy leather sofa every night.


  2. Ha, I don’t know if living close to Ikea is good or bad! I would spend too much money on things I don’t need xD

    Do you hear the noise of the planes?


    • I’m actually doing well. I did go 4 consecutive days, but paced myself buying just a couple of things each day (didn’t pace myself on the chocolate!)

      I only hear the noise when I see the plane, China is generally noisy so I think I’m used to it.


  3. This looks great! It is great when you have the opportunity to get your apartment like this and being in the need to rent one (same here…) it takes so much financial strain from you plus you can consider more about developing other things first 🙂

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  4. That’s really great your husband’s parents got a great apartment ready for your new family of three. Will we see more photos on the blog?!

    Also, how was flying with the little one? I’m a little worried about flying to Japan with him. He’s also over 9kg so we won’t be able to use one of those cots that airlines provide for babies.


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