Bye mum…

“You don’t want your mum”

“Bye bye mum, we’re going”

“Don’t look at your mum”

Of all the things I’ve heard people say to or about my baby in the last week in China, I think this is the weirdest. I totally get that it’s a joke, and that people say all kinds of funny things to babies. You have to say something to this little person who can’t respond. But something so scary? You don’t want your mum, do you? We’re off. I think that’s the last thing I’d say to a tiny little person who’d probably rather just be with his mum.

On the flip side, I’m so pleased that baby Z is finally being spoken to in Chinese, it’s so good for him to hear different languages, and for me too!

Has anyone else heard this? Or anything weirder?

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