Dealing with the heat

The UK is currently in the midst of a ‘heatwave’ – see below. In the UK we define this as one or more days of hot weather (over 24 degrees). You may or may not agree with this definition.

You may have also noticed that as well as our dramatic reaction to a brief warm spell, we also love to talk (read: complain) about the weather. Just a few weeks ago it “wasn’t much of a summer”, but now it’s “far too hot” (grumble, grumble).


A British ‘heatwave’ 😛

Anyway, haha, this is the first summer I’ve had a baby to take care of, and this warm weather we’ve been experiencing has thrown up a few questions for our return to China in few weeks. Because summer in China is hot! Really hot.

The last few days me and baby have mostly stayed at home, with the curtains closed and windows opened for ventilation. Baby has been wearing just his nappy, and even at bedtime just covered with a thin sheet. I’ve been drinking fluids like there’s no tomorrow and baby has been feeding a lot more too. He’s been a bit grumpy, but with the above measures we’re coping.

But China is a lot hotter so a totally different story I’m guessing. Yes, I suppose Chinese homes are more appropriate for hot weather, with their cool un-carpeted flooring and A/C. But nevertheless, I’m wondering how Chinese families cope when they’ve got small babies and children who are so much more vulnerable, and I’m feeling rather nervous about this. Not to mention the trip to Beijing R has planned for August for the three of us!

Any advice/experience would be much appreciated!

8 thoughts on “Dealing with the heat

  1. I’ve understood that in China they see the AC can even be bad for small babies and babies wear a lot more clothes than they would in a similar weather in Finland for example. Perhaps babies also get used to the hot weather here as that’s how it is?

    I only know that I’m barely surviving the Summer in Guangzhou.


    • Yeah I’ve seen babies really bundled up warm with very rosy cheeks, but I would worry if they are doing this in summer. We’re definitely gonna need to use the A/C, I am nervous of how hot it’s gonna be, and that’s just Dalian!


  2. I am enjoying now the summer as temperature slowly rise to 30 degrees here. By this weekend they say we might reach 36-39 degrees 😀 (yay)
    For me the hot summer in Xi’an was never a problem, neither was the coldness in Finland, I guess I can adapt just easily and enjoy it somehow.
    We have no AC in our apartment either however we have windows on both East and West Side and the flooring is tiles and wood, so its pretty cool as well so far


  3. Just a couple things to consider depending on your husband’s attitude (and certainly any in-laws, if they are around). Most Chinese people aren’t comfortable turning on the air-conditioner when there is a baby, or even small child, is around. They think it is bad for them, pretty much no matter how hot it is. My husband and I did a lot of “negotiating” with my m-i-l to let us turn on the AC last summer. The good news, she didn’t put up too much of a stink!

    On the other hand, we were, under no circumstances, allowed to have the baby laying around in just diapers. It is a very strong belief that the stomach must be covered. I guess it’s bad for the babies qi or something. Even with the baby being older this summer, he is always wearing something that will cover his stomach. A popular top is called a 肚兜 (dudou) as it just covers the front but leaves the back open.


    • Thanks, that’s really good to know. No doubt my in-laws will hold the mainstream views, but fortunately we will be living in our own flat when we return!
      After I read your comment I sent a pic of the baby in just his nappy to my MiL to gauge her view, and she didn’t make any negative comment (which she wouldn’t hesitate to do, as she kept reprimanding me for hugging the baby upright in his first 3 months – apparently he should only be lying down for 3 months…?)


      • We have our own flat too, but we live in the same city. M-i-l has been around almost daily (up from once a week or less prebaby). Haven’t heard anything negative about upright hugging, but I’m sure there are plenty of variations in the craziness!


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