Moving around

It’s been around 4 months since I returned from China to my hometown in the Midlands, UK. Which is funny because that’s about the time I spent counting down until I returned.

I barely have the words to describe how good it felt coming home (the first cup of tea!), and how wonderful this time has been. It’s been a time of huge change in my life, bringing a child into the world and as expected there have been days of extreme tiredness, extremely challenging times and many moments of extreme love and happiness. But besides our new baby, I have really enjoyed living here.

But it leaves me with a number of questions. Didn’t I want to go to China in the first place? Back when I lived in my sleepy hometown of Worcester, didn’t I want to move to the big city of Birmingham? Settled down in Birmingham, why did I want to give up everything I’d worked for to go to China? What is it that I want and why am I always looking forward to the next exciting change?

I guess that’s just me, and I guess our priorities and dreams and goals for life are always changing. I bet among other Westerners living in Asia or abroad, there are many like me. People who strive for self-development, who don’t want life to get boring, who worry their current life isn’t the best it could be. And that’s probably part of the reason we do it. Others call us brave but often it feels necessary.

Having said all that. now we have our little boy, I think I could happily stay where I am. I don’t know whether this will last, but the way I’m feeling now is really settled and having a routine is wonderful. Maybe I’ve found where I want to be, or maybe it’s too soon to say. But there’s just one problem…. my husband isn’t here 😦

What do you think? Besides family reasons, what are your reasons for moving and for change?

2 thoughts on “Moving around

  1. Others call me brave as well, moving from the Netherlands to Japan, then back to the States, and then to UK. But it was the same for me, it felt necessary. And we’re not done moving across borders, not even now we also have our little son.


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