New Year, new resolutions

I’ve always been the type of person to set New Year’s resolutions and I love the positivity that the New Year brings, I feel like a new woman and it gives me a new lease of life to pursue the things I want. When I say resolutions, I guess I don’t just mean resolutions, but resolutions, goals, and objectives. I’ve been making a list of such a format and sticking it on the back of my bathroom door since 2012. The 2014 list didn’t make it to Guilin with me but fortunately it is etched into my memory!

Ticked off the list in 2014

Move to China
Since returning from a year in Nanjing in 2011, I’d been saying I must get back to China and experience it in a more authentic way, whilst improving my language to a level which would benefit my future. Fortunately at the beginning of the year I had a wonderful man by my side who helped me to achieve this goal. We are now happily married and living in a way I never dreamed of.

Pass HSK level 4
I successfully passed HSK level 3 back in October 2011, with all my new vocab from my year teaching still buzzing round in my head, but during my 3 years back home I found it hard to make the right kind of progress for the exam, it was much more colloquial and very little formal studying happened. Returning to China this year and finally enrolling in a language programme full time enabled me to make academic progress and work on my Chinese in a more comprehensive way. I successfully passed level 4 last month and still get a buzz from the progress I’ve made in communication with other people (especially my ability to chat with R’s family)

Cut down on artificial sweeteners
Back in the UK this involved cutting down on sugar-free fruit squash, sugar-free gum and other ‘diet’ type products. Moving to China has helped with this immensely as most cooking is done from scratch.

Not ticked off the list in 2014

Run 5K in under 25 minutes
I was getting there before pregnancy got in the way of my running success who am I kidding, the hot Chinese summer got in the way a while before that

Things that should have been on the list 2014

Get married
I probably wouldn’t have written this on a list until I reached 29 or 30 years old, and when this list was written back in December 2013 I didn’t even live with R, but our romance continued as the whirlwind it started and our marriage was registered this past summer.

Starting a blog
I didn’t think I’d have enough to share on my own blog, but I took the plunge anyway as a way to connect with like-minded others, and haven’t been disappointed. I now feel a sense of community, in that if I have questions about living in China/being married to a man from a fairly traditional culture, I feel I can reach out and ask. I now have 70 followers and 60 FB likes and get a warm-fuzzy feeling when I get new likes and comments!

The list for 2015 (written and laminated to accompany me on my travels)

Have a baby
I am feeling positive about achieving this one since this bun is about 70% of the way baked and I shall be flying home to make my final preparations in a few weeks time.

Pass HSK level 5
After getting my level 4 results (which made my year all on their own!) at first I wasn’t considering aiming for this for 2 years. But my wise mother put it like this: what is the point of not aiming for something, you don’t need to achieve it but the least you can do is try. She made a good point, so a study plan was written and learning has commenced. I do have some time on my hands early in 2015, so I will see how far I get. With my language programme now over, without a goal to aim for it’s possible my studying would grind to a complete halt, so this should keep me focussed at least until the baby makes an appearance.

Experience a fabulous Chinese wedding first hand
All being well, me and R plan to hold a wedding banquet in his hometown of Dalian late 2015. This is something I never knew I would experience and it’d be a great memory for everyone.

Keep blogging
I would like to work on my writing skills and become a bit more consistent, and then perhaps I’ll have the courage to tell my family and friends and invite them to have a look 😛

Cut down on chocolate, including a 3 month pre-Easter ban
I have a habit of outrageous food-related goals, but hey, I tried vegan for a month and look what happened, so maybe I can work on my relationship with chocolate for good!

Return to running post-birth
I hear that life changes once you have a baby, and at this stage I probably can’t imagine with accuracy what it’ll be like. But I would really like to get back into my running routine as I miss it very much (and if we’re going to hold our wedding banquet then I would like to at least resemble a beautiful bride). I won’t be so crazy as to aim for 5K in under 25 minutes this year though…

Welcome, 2015, I’m so excited!

12 thoughts on “New Year, new resolutions

  1. don’t do this with chocolate, that’s like little piece of your soul dying 😀 I hope with the baby you will still be able to accomplish everything you want 🙂 happy new year!


  2. I always tell myself I will give up sugar and chocolate but it never lasts more than a few days. If you can give up chocolate, you are my hero!

    Life will be hectic after the little one arrives but you can find time to do things, but you won’t have nearly as much time unless you have loads of help (2 full time nannies would be nice). If running is important, you can do it and I know some people have strollers they push as they run! Personally, I was really hoping I’d be better about exercising and studying Chinese, but I don’t have the motivation. Since giving birth my spoken Chinese and cooking (Chinese food) has improved and I make time to read and write (in English) nearly every day. I guess that counts for something!


  3. Happy new year! Good luck with your resolutions, I hope you accomplish all of them and tell us about it in a year’s time 😀

    I never make new year resolutions… but if I did I would probably forget everything in less than 3 days haha.


  4. That is awesome that you are going to get to experience a Chinese wedding as well. My husband and I had three weddings (it was like the wedding that never ended haha) – ceremony at the court, church wedding and reception in Canada, and reception in Taiwan.

    I bet you are excited about meeting your baby soon! It won’t be long now!

    Good luck achieving your goals in 2015!


    • Thanks, Constance 🙂 It is getting close and very exciting!

      Having three celebrations must have been wonderful! I always knew I wouldn’t be having the traditional wedding, and a Chinese wedding banquet will be fairly different, and the pre-wedding photos should be fun 😉

      Happy New Year


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