Our Christmas 2013

After having known R for just a week, we already started planning our future move to China in 2014. So when Christmas 2013 came around, we decided to spend the big day just the two of us: we didn’t know when our next Christmas in the UK would come around and we were so loved up we wanted to spend a romantic, warm Christmas Day our way!

As I live in a different city from the rest of my family, we arranged to visit them when public transport resumed on the 27th for a cheeseboard/buffet lunch.

So on the 25th, after getting glammed up and getting the turkey in the oven, me and R headed out to see the city. Birmingham is the UK’s second city and my flat was in the city centre. I absolutely loved my flat, I found it a very peaceful place, but as soon as you stepped out the building, it was always absolutely packed with shoppers. The most magical thing about Christmas Day in Birmingham city centre is it is the one day of the year when the people are gone! Just for one day, the shopping is done, the shops are closed and everyone is snuggled up in their suburbs. We perhaps saw 10-15 people with the same idea as us. The weather was beautiful too, a cold but bright day, not a cloud in the sky.

The Christmas Day streets of Birmingham

The Christmas Day streets of Birmingham

After a good wander, we went back to devour our feast, sit by the Christmas tree and watch our favourites films.

Our Christmas feast

Our Christmas feast

I may not have received any presents that day, but I have a very cherished memory. I won’t forget that day, it was wonderful.

This Christmas Day will be somewhat different. It will be spent here in Guilin, probably quite chilly (outside and in), the Christmas tree will be significantly smaller, there won’t be turkey, but it will be spent with my new husband and 6 month baby bump and that’ll be just lovely.

13 thoughts on “Our Christmas 2013

  1. Awww super cute 😀 Tomorrow will be my first Christmas with my boyfriend 😛 and reading your story just made me smile! I can’t wait to see the baby soon 😉 haha. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🙂


  2. I was in Birmingham one day during the holiday season last year and remember thinking it was so crowded, just like Manchester this year. Christmas Day looks wonderfully peaceful in the city.

    Christmas with a 5.5 baby month for me! It’s a whole new and lovely experience. Last Christmas without a little one :).


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