100 days to go!

DIY pregnancy photoshoot

DIY pregnancy photoshoot

Well I’ve not exactly been keeping it a secret, but I haven’t announced it either. However, with just 100 days to go, I think it’s time to shout


I cannot believe it is getting quite so close, it is both exciting and overwhelming, and there is so much I still need to think about/talk about/do/buy.

One things for sure, this next chapter of our lives is bound to bring out many further cultural differences and expectations.

Thanks to Ember Swift, China Elevator Stories, Rosie in BJ and Oh She Glows (vegan recipe blog), amongst others for sharing their experiences so far, it has been and will continue to be immensely helpful in helping me to prepare for this journey.

Any further advice about raising young children in China will be much appreciated 😉

17 thoughts on “100 days to go!

  1. Wow, 100 days! Congratulations!!! I just calculated how many days I have left, just 124. Feels so different when thinking about it in days instead if weeks. Do you know the sex yet or are you keeping it a surprise? Congrats again!


    • Thank you 🙂 同喜同喜 (I just learnt this word in class today and suddenly have a chance to use it!)
      In China no one has asked if we want to know, I don’t think hospitals routinely tell you because of the traditional preferences for boys, but we are happy to have a surprise – although I am SO curious!

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      • Usually it is forbidden to tell the parents the gender beforehand, however I do not know how they handle it with foreigners.
        Congratulations, those 100 days will fly by very quickly and soon you will meet your baby 🙂


  2. You look great! You’re in the final stretch; thats exciting!

    I’m glad my posts were of help. I haven’t had much time to write lately. I’m trying to arrange visas for the kids to visit the US and getting ready for Christmas. I look forward to hear more about your pregnancy and postpartum, if you dare to share. 🙂

    I considered not finding out the sex because I always thought I’d rather it be a surprise. But I decided to find out while in the US for a visit because my Chinese doctor wouldn’t have told us, I don’t think. It was the fact that I couldn’t find out that made me want to find out! I was convinced it would be a girl, but I was mistaken.


    • I had a 3D scan today, there were signs everywhere around Maternity and Ultrasound departments not to ask staff the sex. Nevertheless we asked the sonographer at the end whether she knew and she said she did. She asked whether outside of China they’d tell us, and I could feel she’d tell us if we wanted, so we were going ‘we don’t want to know! we want a surprise!’ but I was sooooo curious – someone knows the sex of my baby but not me… grrr

      Oh visas are a barrel of laughs aren’t they, I’m doing my husbands to come see me for the birth (hopefully) and it’s quite 麻烦. I now realise Chinese visas are relatively unobtrusive and straightforward.


      • It is hard not knowing when someone else does! But I think it’ll be a fun surprise.

        I’ve actually had a lot of trouble with my Chunese visa in the past, which worries me to this day (although recently its been much better). Your husband’s visa will come through, Id bet. Just be patient–easier said than done, I know!

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      • I don’t think it is a question of being brave, when my moment comes I will also give birth in Spain if I can. It is a delicate moment and it is better if you are in a familiar environment, with people speaking your own language!

        I agree, the C-section rate here is too high…


      • If I had to do it over again, I think I would have gone home. I think you are making a good choice! I was really upset about having had a last minute c-section and I will always wonder what would have happened if I was in the US. I think they would have induced labor.


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