The Journey South

Whilst the flight from Dalian to Guilin wasn’t my first Chinese internal flight, for the last few years I have mostly taken trips to and from China, rather than within, so this flight felt like quite an experience.

First of all, security check took ages! I guess it’s the airport equivalent of the ever common 堵车 (traffic jam). Sheer volume of people in China causes heavy jams and airport security is no different.

Secondly, Chinese people treat all travel like a holiday. It’s a family affair, lots of eating, lots of chatting, lots of laughter. The people on this plane seemed to having a great time. I had planned to spend most of the flight napping, but sitting behind a group of 6, instead I spent the flight listening to a very interesting dialect not unlike Cantonese.

Finally, I have always loved plane food, and it’s one of the reasons I like long haul travel. And yes, it was an 20:20 to 00:20 flight, but a full packet of seaweed crackers?! I didn’t expect that. But in true Chinese style, it made sense – most people will have eaten dinner and not want to eat, and they have a long shelf life. They made a reasonable breakfast anyway.

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